Don't give up, kitty! Emotion: big smile
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Oh my god, that's A LOT of snow!! What a brave cat, now give her something warm! lol
I want a kitty snow plough! LOL
HAHAHA, that poor kitty must be exhausted after that! My old cat used to dig tunnels in the snow.
ohhhh no!!! poor cat!!!
Hehe Punky, that's what winter looks like in some Russia regions.

JB, LOL! I'm sure a dog snow ploughwould work better though. Emotion: big smile

alfinnlay, yea they probably find it kind of fun as long as they have a warm place to go to later on.

daphnali, don't worry! The kitty was totally fine and warm when it got home. Moreover, there's a video showing the owner cleared up the pathways for the kitty. Emotion: giggle
we don't have snow here and i think that my cat will hate it!!!! i'm glad to know that the cat is warm again! Emotion: smile
The first time Barsik walked on the snow he was so puzzled, lol. It felt like he was afraid to step on it, I guess because it felt cold. Emotion: giggle
We get snow like that here in New England in the U.S. Not this year thankfully, we've hardly had any snow! I'm not a fan of the cold weather. I can't wait until spring.
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