This is the latest news about cats I heard:
A man whose cat had been missing for a month was baffled when it was found more than 100 miles away from his home.
So now it's crystal clear how far cats can walk from home! I wonder whether, having walked so far, Snowy realised at all where his home was and how to get there.

But to be honest, I think he is lucky to have been found. My husband's relatives had a cat and took him to the country this spring, and one day he just didn't come home... It's been over 2 months he's missing. I don't know how far away he walked and what happened to him, but, as they say, "curiosuty killed the cat"...
I am sorry for the kitty, Ruslana. Emotion: sad How old was he?

The cat in the news indeed was lucky. I think this is the case we can call, 'One in a million'.
I don't know for sure but he was very young, maybe 3 years old or so. Emotion: sad