We've noticed that our cat's eyes become watery after he has eaten. We feed him raw meats like beef, chicken and marine fish. Why can this be happening?
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That's a new one on me but I'd start by removing fish. Cats shouldn't eat too much fish, it can lead to all kinds of bladder and kidney problems. Stick with beef, chicken and try adding some other red meats like lamb, rabbit. He may have an allergy to fish. You'll have to remove it and see. Give it a couple of days to a week to see any difference because it's already in his system. If that doesn't work, try eliminating beef and keep doing that until you see a difference. If it gets worse though, call the vet asap.
Perhaps try changing your meat supplier? Emotion: thinking
Hey thanks for your replies. So you think it can be an allergy or bad quality of the meats? That's odd because he has been on this diet for a couple of months and the problem has only occurred now, during the past week. Anyway I will try what you say. Thanks again.
Allergies can develop anytime, it doesn't matter how long they've been on a certain food. And it does depend on the quality of food. You have to do a process of elimination.
If that's not allergy it could be worms or liver problems. If the problem doesn't fade away as you change food, take him to a vet.
My cats eyes do the same thing. Usually only one eye waters after eating..doesn't matter what type of food he eats. Cant figure out why.

my cat too have teary eyes everytime he eats boiled chicken im so curious why that happens

Did you ever figure this out? Exact same thing happens to my cat when he eats, his left eye waters

Also feeding raw diet

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