Our female cat won't stop weeing by our front door, she has been checked by the vet- no health problems and we have tried various suggestions, extra litter trays, covering the area and felaway spray but nothing works!! We are stuck for what to do! We live in a rented property which is carpeted and she is ruining the carpets and its soaked through to the floor boards underneath Emotion: sad any tips??
Is she spayed? Maybe she's marking her territory. Is there another cat coming around that maybe she's feeling territorial? The other thing to do is try changing the type of litter you're using. Maybe she doesn't like it. There are some sprays you can by at Petco or Petsmart that you spray the area and it deters them from going there again.
have you tried putting the litter box by the front door if that's where she prefers to urinate?
maby kitty just wants to go outdoors
My cat used to do that too! Turns out she wouldnt use the litter box if anything was in it.
Try this: Carefully peel back carpet, being careful not to rip it. Paint KILZ over the floorboards. This will cover any odor in the boards. You may have to do several coats. Be sure the paint is dry. Keep carpet peeled back. Remove odor from carpet this way: Soak up any urine, pick up any feces. Using gloves, Rub straight white-distilled vinegar into the area, be sure to get the carpet backing, too. (You can do this WHILE the carpet is pulled away from the floorboard). Rub straight Arm & Hammer Baking Soda into the area, getting it nice & thick, rubbing it down into the carpet fibers. Put a fan on the carpet so it will dry faster. When dry, Vacuum the white powder up. You may have to use your gloved fingers to get it out. When all trace of baking soda is out, rub straight 3% Hydrogen Peroxide into the same stained area of carpet, and also another good dose of Baking Soda. Place the fan, let it dry again. Vacuum up all trace of baking soda. Get down into your carpet and smell it. If you can still smell the area, repeat this process as many times as it takes. Sometimes it can take 3 times to get a smell out. When the smell is gone, kitty will not be interested in "going" there anymore. Also, if you do not scoop out your box EVERY day, kitty will find a cleaner area. (Think of it as scooping out her box is flushing her toilet...would you go in a gross toilet? I think not) Also, using 1/4 cup bleach to a gallon water, wash and RINSE out her box EVERY week and replace with fresh, new litter. Be sure to rinse out her box well as bleach is toxic. I have 5 cats. Every person coming into my house is amazed my home does not smell like "cats". have even lived in rentals and have removed odor from previous tenants who let their animals "go" on the carpet.
Good luck. This trick really does work. Not always do you need to paint KilZ on the floorboards, but the Poster did say the odor was into subflooring.
Our female did the same thing until we spayed her last wednesday. So far so good. So if she isn't spayed, get on that asap. We have wood floors in a rented building and she ruined one spot also.
Gonzo did that too until he was fixed.
Usually when a cat is peeing on a doorway or a window like that, it is a defense against something on the other side. Try cleaning the outside of the door and the surrounding area and then put motion-activated traps (like air blasters or sprinklers) to guard it.