Let me say sorry, cos this is a long story! We have a BSH house cat aged 5. He developed a sore on his head so took him to the vet 3 weeks ago, they gave him 2 injections, an anti-inflamatory and an anti-biotic. Prior to this he was eating fine upto 4 pouches a day, then he lost his appetite and lost a little weight. Returned to vet a week later, sore had healed, but appetite a little better, as he has gingivitis they just put it down to that, which didn't really make sense him having anit-inflamatory. Since then I have to coax him to eat, often hand feeding which he loves! He goes to his bowl and then just walks away, could the injections have surpressed his appetite or make be his taste buds? Any help or advice would be great, Thanks
If he is having problems with his teeth they must hurt! Why didn't they make a dental appointment to clean his teeth and make sure there isn't any infection? You are right to say an anti-inflammatory would not help in this case. Sometimes they can have that effect but very rarely! I say it's the teeth and you need to do something soon. If he doesn't get enough calories in him he's in danger of getting fatty liver disease very quickly. In the meantime could you syringe feed him some baby food? NO onions and/or garlic in it! That's toxic. But he needs to eat, it's dangerous not to. Is there another vet you can take him to?
thx for input, he's eating 2 1/2 to 3 pouches now, and gaining a little weight back. His teeth are ok no tartar, but one of his teeth goes into his bottom lip, but doesn't look sore, the vet did say about removing it, but he was fine before injections. He's also got a little raised scar where I presume injections went.
Can you tell me exactly what the injections were? Some medications can have side effects like what he's experiencing.
I don't know the specific names just an anti-biotic and an anti-inflamatory. He also has a small raised area, probably where injections went.
It sounds like he had a reaction of some sort. I hope they didn't use Covenia as that's not supposed to be used for things like this and is over used. I would still get that tooth checked out because it could become a problem. Glad he's doing better! Emotion: smile