Recently we realized out cat won't eat when she is home alone. We were away last weekend and when we got home we found the food and water bowls untouched. As soon as we were near, she started to eat and drink like mad. She already did it once about a year ago, she didn't eat when we were away for 2 days, but then we blamed the quality of food. Now that we think about it, it seems she doesn't even eat when we are at work. Any idea why she starves herself when we are not around?
It sounds like stress and separation anxiety to me. When you're gone is there any way someone can spend a little time with her when they feed her? Also you may want to think about doing some holistic things like the alcohol free rescue remedy, a calming collar, some Feliway plug ins etc. does she do this while you're at work as well? This is very dangerous as it takes less than 48 hours for fatty liver disease to set in when they aren't eating and not drinking leads to dehydration which can wreck havoc on her organs. Something has to be done to rectify this or you'll have a very sick kitty on your hands. She could have already done some damage to herself while you were gone if indeed she didn't eat anything or drink anything. I'd have her checked out by the vet and if need be sometimes medication may have to be given for anxiety and stress.
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I've never heard about behavior like that being so continuous but perhaps you kitty misses you a lot. Have you thought about getting another cat to make her company? Since it sounds like you have to be away a lot it might help.
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Sorry I didn't even read Janis' post but another kitty is a great way to avert being lonely!!! Better than meds that's for sure!
I second the above said. She's probably a social cat that needs companionship of other cats or humans more than she receives now. Imagine yourself locked at home all alone all day long 7 days a week, wouldn't you get upset too?
alfinnlay it takes less than 48 hours for fatty liver disease to set in when they aren't eating and not drinking
Is there anywhere I can read about it?
Wild cats sometimes may have no food for more than 2 days so if they all got sick every time it happens there would be no wild cats!! Emotion: thinking
My website dear!!! http://www.ibdkitties.net/fattyliver.html . Yes wild cats go without food all the time. Big difference is that wild cats eat nothing but MEAT so their systems are already metabolized properly and not using stored fat quicker than they are supposed to. When indoor cats eat carbohydrates more than meat, they quickly use up all their stored protein. Alex had fatty liver disease and had to be hospitalized, so believe me I know. I have links at the bottom of my page also that tell you more information. And wild cats do in fact at times get fatty liver, you just don't usually know about it since they're feral and often go off in quiet to die.
Oh that was silly of me!! Emotion: big smile Thanks for the link, I'm going to read it now. But what if a domestic cat is on raw diet like wild cats? Will the risk be minimized then?
I don't believe so Janis only because the cat is used to being fed on a schedule. Yes it would probably take a little longer because they are getting the proper nutrition, meat, organs, bones, etc. That's a great question though! I think it wouldn't be as quick to happen but still a good chance regardless.
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