Hello friends,

I've not been around for a while because my third baby has arrived. Emotion: smile It's been a few days since we brought him home and I'm very busy here so I don't know when I'll have 5 mins to login again but I need your help about Magnus and Vincent. They seem very confused about the newborn. They are actually afraid of him. They will not enter the baby room and when they are on the threshold they'll smell the air anxiously with round eyes. Magnus is slightly braver but not much. I believe they'll sort themselves soon but I'm wondering what I can do to help them feel comfortable again. This is their first experience with a newborn. Thanks. Emotion: smile

Sharon & the family
Congrats, Prada!! Perhaps let them get used to the baby at their own pace but keep giving them as much love and affection as before if that's possible so they don't feel abandoned or neglected. Emotion: smile
Wonderful news, Prada! Emotion: party Congrats!
I think your kitties will be fine, they just need a little more time to get used to the new smells and sounds. As Janis said, keep showing them your love and it will be all right. Emotion: smile Have a look at this thread:
Congrats Prada Emotion: smile Yes, life will be very busy now, but I remember I was able to do a lot in the first months because all babies do is sleep Emotion: big smile It's 2 years later where nothing is possible!! lol
Thank you all. Emotion: smile They are much better now. Behaving almost the same way they used to. It was a step by step process but I think they like the baby finally.