Is here anyone who has cats and small kids? How do your kids treat the cats? Today I witnessed this: my cat was lying and meowing plaintively while my kid (1.5 year old boy) was holding his tail. I felt so sorry for my kitty. Emotion: sad Does it happen in your family too?
I have always had pets ... even when my three children were born and growing. Unless you teach your child that pulling an animal's tail is wrong, he believe he is just playing with the animal rather than hurting or tormenting it. If this abusive behaviour is not stopped, your child runs the risk of being scratched, bitten, or worse by animals that he encounters.
i dont have kids myself, but i nanny for my sister and her daughter who will be 2 in september. they have three cats, one very lazy and passive, one very crazy and energetic, and one that has anxiety issues and tends to act out....they are all very good with her. I feel like it is important to teach them the difference between good touches and bad touches with animals as early as possible...try modeling a good behavior (like gently petting the cat first ) in place of the tail pulling.... Hope that helps.