Hello. Yesterday my cat gave birth to 5 wonderful kittens. Everything's been fine so far except one detail that makes me worry. It's already been a day after birth, but the cat is still having a very heavy breath. The temperature is fine - 38,5; her ears and nose are a little bit hot. She breathes with her mouth open and with her tongue sticking out, like a dog. Breathing is rather fast. Sometimes she also hisses.
However, her appetite is fine, as well as defecation and urinating. So it all looks normal but I am really worried about that breathing.
Does anybody know what can cause that? Any help is really appreciated.

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what if you can't afford to take her to a vet?
When in doubt or questioning, MAKE A VETERINARY APPOINTMENT!!!
Anonymouswhat if you can't afford to take her to a vet?
Are there any free veterinary services in your country? This is what I'd first think of. Also, I'd try to look for some websites that offer free veterinary consultations. If I can't help the cat myself since it needs a surgical operation, this might be the same question as what poor people in poor countries do when they themselves need an urgent medical help. Emotion: sad I'd not stop looking for money though.
Hi, ironically, my cat had given birth today as well. For the first time, 5 kittens. Its my first experience with cats birth. My kitty is also breathing rapidly, since its not usual behavior of hers, I googled and stumbled upon ur post here. Hows your cat now? Is this kind of breathing is normal to her condition? As u have probably been through with it , please give me some advice!
How's your kItty now.?
My cat refused to eat and drink she became skinny and .... died