Hello. Yesterday my cat gave birth to 5 wonderful kittens. Everything's been fine so far except one detail that makes me worry. It's already been a day after birth, but the cat is still having a very heavy breath. The temperature is fine - 38,5; her ears and nose are a little bit hot. She breathes with her mouth open and with her tongue sticking out, like a dog. Breathing is rather fast. Sometimes she also hisses.
However, her appetite is fine, as well as defecation and urinating. So it all looks normal but I am really worried about that breathing.
Does anybody know what can cause that? Any help is really appreciated.

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Why don't you take her to a vet, Lilly?
If it doesn't stop, I'll take them all to a vet tomorrow. The problem is that I'll have to take them ALL because I worry about the kittens. Besides, my cat doesn't endure leaving home very well, and in this condition it is so even more.

What about inviting a vet to your home?
Oh, my friend, I wouldn't have written here if I could invite a doctor to the house. But for some reason, our doctors in Spain, specifically in Barcelona, don't come to home.
I noticed that strange breath 7 hours later after the birth, and within that time the cat had been sleeping very well. I called the vet at once and he told me to take the cat to him to the clinic because they don't visit anybody themselves. I called to another clinic and they told me the same. I tried to suggest them extra money, but they didn't agree anyway. Last night, at about 2 AM, I didn't dare take the kittens to any clinic. Today the cat has been pretty fine except that odd breath.

I've also noticed another weird thing. The cat went to toilet and then, while the kittens were sleeping, she laid away from them. Then she licked herself, ate a bit, calmed down, and recovered her breath so it became normal again. Her eyes brightened and she looked like a completely healthy cat. Then the kittens began to cry, she came back to the basket and started to breathe rapidly and quickly again, with her mouth open.

I have no car and there's nobody to help me at the moment. So I am simply watching, trying to calm down (after all, the cat herself doesn't seem too worried), and looking for answers in the net. Tomorrow I'll try to find a way to take them to a clinic. The kittens have already got the feel of new surroundings.

Thanks for your attention to us, Lauren!

Have you tried to feel her tummy? Maybe there is one more kitten in there?
No, there are no more kittens.
It was a hard night! By about 1 AM the cat began to vomit and had diarrhoea. I thought it to be because of the eaten placenta. Her temperature jumped up to 39,4 C. She hadn't slept till 6 AM and had been meowing all the time, as well as her kittems. I rushed off my feet to help them. At 6 AM she ate a bit, asked some water, the temperaturebegan to decrease and settled at the normal point eventually. It didn't rise again. The cat felt much betterafter this all. Her breath was alternating: now by nose, now by mouth. As far as I've made it out, and I am almost sure of that, that weird breath is a reaction to the kittens sucking her, all five together. Maybe this is some hormone changes and she feels hot. It's the first time she gave birth, and she seems so small to have 5 kittens at once! I try to cease worrying. She feels good at the moment. There have been no deteriorations.

I'm glad your kitty feels better!
Yes, this is surely good news.
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