It's a known fact that cats want to get ALL our attention whatever we do. Here's just another example. My mom was busy and Barsik wanted to take the warm and cuddly jacket off her OR to be taken on lap. The perfect case would be both though: him on lap in the warm jacket LOL.
If he does it 5-10 mins persistently, you just have no choice sometimes. Emotion: rolleyes Emotion: giggle


aw that is to cute for words. it is so true, when I am on the pc, out the corner of my eye i'd see Grissom behind me just staring and as i'd turn my head towards him, he'd give out a low toned meow as to say, "hello here I am and ready for a cuddle". hehe
Exactly! When I lived with my parents, Barsik loved to sit on my hands or books when I had to write something or read... lol I think he did it because he really enjoyed the warmth coming from the table lamp. But the 'bad' thing (obviously, for me) about it was that he ended up taking over all the table surface, and he was very indignant when I tried to move him even slightly, like "Hey can't you see I'm lying???" Emotion: big smile
gizmo is mostly good and at his worst will just curl up in my arm but mainly just follows me everywhere like a furry shadow,ostara on the other hand is a pain and has taken to dancing on my laptop,not so bad but my laptop hates me and she turns the wireless off wich takes 3 restarts to get back on and is also insistant on parading about the house meowing til her hearts content and my head hurts...
What an adorable, squeaky little meow he has! Too cute!
Kim, I hope you won't have to choose between Ostara and your laptop in the future. I mean, the choice would probably be clear, but I wouldn't like you to go completely offline lol.

JustaBrat, yeah I don't know why but now that he's a senior, he can sound reallysqueaky if he wants. Usually it happens when he wants attention. He's apparently figured out that when his voice is 'unusual' like that, the goal is achieved faster. Emotion: giggle
RuslanaHe's apparently figured out that when his voice is 'unusual' like that, the goal is achieved faster.
Isn't that the truth? Emotion: giggle
Animals are so much smarter than some people give them credit for! LOL
How sweet! It's amazing how persistant they can be and how well they know that we'll give in eventually Emotion: giggle
They just know there's nothing in the world more improtant than love, care and affection ^^ loved the vids!