when i got my cat three months ago i was told his mother had diabetes in her old age so i'm now concerned about bill's health, do you think he's likely to have diabetes too? he's 4 which is young so i hope there's nothing to worry about right now but i'd like to know what symptoms i should look out for.

more info: he's on innova weight management adult dry cat food 'coz he tends to gain weight easily.

thanks for your help!!
Four is awfully young to be thinking about that but what I would do to really keep his weight in check is switch them all to an all wet, high quality grain free diet. Innova is a good brand but has barley in it, which is a grain. Plus dry food is a bad diet for a cat since there is NO moisture and can lead to things like kidney and bladder disease. Try switching to a good wet food like Wellness, Nature's Variety, Evo, Merrick, Weruva, etc. and you'll see how much better his weight gets and how much better his coat looks, etc. You can also read about diabetes here: http://www.ibdkitties.net/felinediabetes.html . And I also have a page on switching foods: http://www.ibdkitties.net/switchingfoods.html .
ok thanks. i realize he's still young but i was just wondering if he's at a higher risk since his mom had that disease. i presume quality wet diet should help minimize the risk?
Sure, he could have the genetic risk for it and that's all the more reason to change his diet. Yes, absolutely! A high quality all wet diet would absolutely help keep his weight in check, help keep his moisture level up, all of that. Dry food is so amazingly over processed it's hard to understand how they get much nutrients from it really. Mine never eat dry, only some of the foods I mentioned earlier. soulistic is another good one.
thanks i'll look into switching him to wet food. but i still want to learn about cat's diabetes symptoms if you can educate me on this. just to be on guard and notice the problem as early as possible if it happens (god forbid). Emotion: smile
I gave you one link with an article on my site. I have another great link for you, it's a site especially for feline diabetes: http://www.felinediabetes.com / . Bravo for you wanting to be proactive and help your baby avoid this! Emotion: clap
The early symptoms you should look out for are more drinking and more eating (as the disease progresses, appetite can drop), more frequent urination, a weight loss even though the kitty eats more. If you have his blood tested, there will be a high glucose level. Glucose will also be found in the urine.

The later symptoms include vomiting, general weakness, acetone breath, dehydration, laboured breathing, and lethargy. Hopefully you'll notice something is wrong, if it ever happens, before any of these occur.

Oh and yes, a proper diet is what can essentially minimize the risk of diabetes. Like alfinnlay said, put him on a high quality wet diet, or raw diet even. Mine is on a raw diet and he's never had major health problems. He's almost 18 now.
I've always known increased drinking is what should alarm you when there is no obvious reasons for increased thirst. This is what I keep an eye on! I think this is the very first sign.
alfinnlayI gave you one link with an article on my site.
i dont know how but i overlooked it!!

thanks a million all i feel much more relaxed and educated now.