Hi all!

Have there been any mystic stories about your pet? Something mysterious related to protecting your home from unwanted ghosts/spirits? (Of course, if you believe in them in some way, hehe.)

Maybe this question sounds too esoteric, but this topic occurred to me after reading kittukittu's post , and I really have a story to share (hence the new thread as I didn't want to go off-topic).

In 1994 we moved to a new flat, it was approximately in spring and we didn't have our cat, Barsik, that time. Weird things were happening... sometimes my dad would woke up in the middle of a night because of a very realistic knock on his head. It was slight but enough for him to wake up and wonder what happened. Not once did it happen. Also at night, there were weird sounds from the kitchen from time to time.
In summer that year we got Barsik. So what do you think happened then? Everything described above stopped very quickly! Also - I'm not sure if that can be associated with this story but I tend to think it can - Barsik would often literally stare into thin air as if he was looking at something we cannot see, and sometimes it looked like he was watching something move (his eyes were following something - or someone - while there was nothing at all).

Has anything like that happened to you? Please share!
i know some people think its odd but i totally belive in ghosts! one house i lived in i used to scream in my sleep everynight for months then me and my mum decided to swap rooms as i said i felt uncomfortable in there i didnt know why it just made me feel unpleasent. the very night in my new room,no screaming and i never have since but when i got my cat he was always very wary walking past that room,my little sister was born about the time we got him and rather strangly (as he seemed a nasty cat always hissing and scratching everyone) he would guard her when she was sleeping you couldnt get near her! and at night he would sit outside her bedroom door till morning not moving his spot for anything! i dont know if its related but when we moved it stopped
Cats and dogs have senses that are much keener than ours so I tend to believe such stories and that our little companions are actually able to see and feel something we cannot perceive.
From what I know, cats have always been associated with the paranormal. They are much more sensitive with such things than humans.

And from different articles, it seems that animals do have this sense that let them see and feel paranormal entities.

And there was an article mentioning that they are much more sensitive to EM (electromagnetic) activities that humans. And since the paranormal are on the EM spectrum, they can easily sense such activities even if humans don't.
I do think they can see something we cannot! I don't have a story to share except for the fact Miky often stares at something but let me share this video: