Hullo everyone! Every time my cat eats she takes a piece of food out of the bowl and keeps eating it on the floor beside. Is it something all cats do or mine is just odd?
My persian used to do that too! No idea why but I hope someone will know so that even I get an answer to past experiences lol
Yup, my cat wont do that with dry or wet food but if we slice a piece of cucumber for him or some fresh meat he will take the pieces out and eat them. Maybe they want to finish eating one piece instead of taking a bit and having it fall back in the bowl I don't know lol but I think most cats do that. We put a food mat under his bowls which we clean every time that way he's not eating off the floor.
Thanks! Nice to know it's not just my cat!
My Lacey does it occasionally. Messy!! LOL
Yes, Miky does it too with food pieces. I myself have always been wondering about it! I also noticed stray cats doing the same.
My oldest cat does this to! His preference though is to stand in the plate, hogging the cat food. He doesn't act aggressive with the other cats when it comes to eating but he just likes standing in the plate.
I know this situation! Barsik sometimes takes a piece of meat out of his bowl and then tries to shake it off his paw, so the piece can end up in the middle of the kitchen floor LOL. Guess our frustration when he decides to leave it lying there and goes away. Emotion: big smile
I've read that if the bowls to small or deep it bothers their whiskers.