Hello, is it fine to give cats raw beef meet? Is it good food? What about other types of raw meet? Chicken, fish and so on? Thanks.
Mine loves raw beef. In fact this is nearly the only thing he'll eat. He's a very picky eater! For example, if you give him some soured cream (cats usually love it), he'll only eat it directly from your hand but NOT when it's in his food bowl, hehe. Also, we tried really lots of retail cat food but he eats only Royal Canine and Iams. He'll ignore everything else. Maybe it's a sign that all the other cat food brands aren't really good? Or Royal Canine and Iams add something to the food to attract felines? Questions, questions...
Raw meats are fine for cats. What I would suggest is google "raw diet for cats" to draw up a plan for your kitty. You wouldn't want to give him/her the wrong things and end up making your kitty sick.
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