My cat is 1 year old. A few days ago I took her to a vet because her two front feet were swelling. They got about twice the normal size. The vet couldn't find what was causing this. He assumed it could be an allergy. He gave her a shot and a week antibiotic. Everything seemed to get back to normal the next day but the day after I noticed her back foot was getting swollen again. I'm going to show her to the vet again. Has anyone had something similar happening to your kitty? I don't know what to do! She eats, pees and poops fine.
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Hello Nati,

I hope that's just an allergy but something else may be going on as well. Didn't your vet take a blood test? Can you take her to another vet? If that's an allergy you should try to find out what causes it. Any diet changes recently? Do you use floor cleaners around her bowl area?
That's a good point about the floor cleaner. I stopped using any chemicals to wash my floors. All use now is vinegar and water and it does a fantastic job! Also I hope she doesn't have any heart or circulation problems. Swollen feet can happen when there isn't enough blood being pumped to the heart. I would insist on a much broader work up including blood work, etc.
What is her bowl made of? Plastic? My Ginger (RIP) had the same problem with one of her front paws. We tried lots of things but what helped was switching to stainless steel bowls. The problem was gone forever.
Blood test showed there's nothing wrong. This is good news but it doesn't solve the problem. Emotion: sad Thanks all for your tips!! I'll avoid chemicals and will change her plastic bowls. I hope this will help.
Oh and no, I haven't changed her food.
Plastic bowls definitely harbor a lot of bacteria so that's a very good suggestion! I also am wondering what you do feed her? Is it grain free or foods with lots of grains and fillers? Because that can cause A LOT of food allergy problems.
OH! I also wanted to mention about changing the cat litter. She may be having a bad reaction to the chemicals in the litter.
I feed her Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food and the cat litter is Tidy Cats. Do you think I should change her litter and food as soon as possible too? If that helps how can I find out what caused the problem? I guess I better eliminate possible causes one by one but that's hard because I want the problem gone ASAP...
So I just looked at the ingredients of that food. If it's the dry food, that has dried brewer's yeast which can cause allergies in pets very easily. If it's the canned food, that contains SALT which makes them retain water. Get your kitty off this food asap. Salt has no place in a cat's diet. Retaining water for them is dangerous. Their kidneys are not as easily able to disperse all of the sodium as humans are. A much better choice in food would be Nature's Variety, Merrick, Wellness, Evo. Any one of those. Start there, you will have to do an elimination process but I would absolutely start there. And don't just keep using up the old food until it's gone, get new food now. This is not good for your kitty. Then if the problem is still there, I would not go back to the old food, regardless. I would then change to a different litter like Dr. Elsysies which is very hypoallergenic. See if that helps.
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