Do you guys think that putting a cat in a crate is absolutely necessary when you ride in a car? I've heard a lot of opinions from my friends. Some say being in a crate is an additional stress for the cat and it's better to keep it in your bosom. Others say keeping a cat in a car without a crate is dangerous. We're about to have an 1 hour car ride with our cat in about a month and I'm really at a loss. What's your opinion? Should I use a crate or not? Thanks!
If you ask me I'd say yes yes and one more yes for crating a cat when you're in a car. Cats get scared very easily and there are usually a lot of noises in the road, so even if you hold your kitty tight in your bosom, it can escape easily enough because they are masters of escaping. A situation when a scared cat is running in a car can be very dangerous and lead to a car accident. Better be more safe than to hope for good luck!

So that your cat isn't stressed too much when you put it in a crate, try to "introduce" it to the animal long before your ride. Put there some favourite toys of the cat, or maybe some of your own things so the smell is familiar, let the cat sniff the crate all around etc. Leave the crate in a place where the cat can always access and explore it so it sees this thing is no danger. I'm sure everything will be fine.
I would think it silly not to have a cat confined when you're transporting it in a car. What happens if the cat breaks free of the person's arms? It could cause an accident.

When I'm taking my cats to the vet, I put them in a pet carrier and drape a blanket over so they can't see out. They're still stressed, you can't avoid this completely but they are calmer because they can't see what's going on around them.
i'm sad to tell you all about this but once i saw a cat jump out of a riding car through window. i don't know what made the owners be so careless leaving their cat unconfined AND keeping a car window open. i just have no explanation.

i always use a crate when i travel with my cat by car. i'm convinced he feels more secure like that.