Hey hey guys!
I'd like to know if anyone's cat does this too. When Nola sits on my lap, her legs and ears, and sometimes the whole body! twitch randomly. Sometimes it's just one leg or just ears. I don't know if that's normal! Opinions please?
Hi Nola! My cat Miky does that too and I think it's because he gets relaxed and falling asleep. Even I twitch sometimes when I fall asleep! Emotion: giggle
P.s. Nice avatar, as red as my Miky!
Pheow, thanks! I thought it was something really bad! Nola is red too but I have no camera and don't have pictures of her so I just uploaded that cartoon as an avatar. Emotion: smile
Hi Nola, welcome to the community!

I don't think there's anything to worry about as long as this doesn't happen constantly and everything else in her behaviour is fine, including the stool and appetite. My cat's ears and legs can twitch when he's sleepy, no matter if he's on my lap, in his bed, or on the floor. If you still think there's something wrong or unusual, you can always call a vet and tell him about your concerns.
dont worry if it's about pre sleeping time it fine. if there are strange muscle reactions when shes palying, eating, licking herself or doing smth else show her to a vet.