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Nope it's a scar, I don't think it's noticeable in the picture but it still has a bit of texture to it like a scar would. When he was younger it was a lot more noticeable Emotion: smile
on a furry cat you can tell where the belly button is by the direction of hair that grows around it, it's whirling usually
One time when I was stroking my cat's belly, I found something resembling a belly button, but I'm not sure that cats have belly buttons. I always thought that cats were placed in separate placentas which would be attached to the uterus. The mother cat would then bite open the placenta when the kitten would be born, and then often eat the placenta. That's just what I always thought. Could be wrong though. Emotion: smile
Each kitten is born inside an amniotic sac filled with fluid (similar to how Fraternal twins are in humans unless they're identical twins which in that case they will share one sac like humans) When they are born they have an umbilical cord attached to them which the mother will usually eat along with the amniotic sac. In fact all mammals have umbilical cords, even dolphins which means they all have a belly button its just less noticeable in some than others. Alissa If you look at page #2 I posted some pictures of my hairless cat's belly button Emotion: smile
Thanks Emotion: smile Nice pictures from an "interesting perspective" Emotion: smile
Having read this thread, I explored my cat's belly yesterday looking for something that would resemble a belly button. Guess what! Even though his belly is already light cream colour, there was a spot with noticeably lighter hair, just like that scar in the pics you uploaded, Joleen! So I assume it's not just the skin that carries the lighter pigment, but the hair too.
I think the skin color has to do with the furr color, because I know there is a way to know what your Sphynx furr color would be if he had hair by the color of their skin!
i have a longhaired cat and there's no fur on his belly button area so i can distinguish it easily.
For those interested ones this is what a cat belly button looks like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mnash/2553274140