I found it fascinating to see copied behavior in one of my cats a while back.
So I had two female cats before I got the third who is a male. He had the type of character that he just wanted to go up to them and play, cuddle etc. But the oldest cat has always been the boss of the house (until he grew bigger than her Emotion: wink ) and did not want him there, where as the other female couldn't really care less. So the first few days Yoda, the older one of the females, would constantly hiss and growl at Gizmo, the male. When he was alone in a room with Chewy, the other female, she would completely ignore him. But whenever Yoda and Chewy were in the same room as him, Chewy would all of a sudden hiss and growl at him too! Was she trying to impress Yoda? I found that so strange, and I could tell Gizmo was confused all the time too!
Have you ever seen any "split personality" in your cat(s)?
That must have been hilarious! Emotion: smile Since I have just one cat, I cannot share any observations like that. But I do think cats are very interesting from the point of view that they behave like humans sometimes. Or often.

I remember an amuzing situation with my Barsik. My parents were playing with him, and it happened that he hid behind a sofa (it stands rather close to a wall). So parents could look at him from above but couldn't reach him. Then, they started gazing at him together fixedly, and, as they say, it nearly became written on Barsik's face: "Jesus, I must be missing something interesting!", and after that he swiftly ran out of his refuge, jumped on the back of the sofa and started looking down too, with parents, just at the place where he was a few seconds ago! Emotion: big smile
Nice stories! I do think cats do things under peer pressure. Why wouldn't they, after all they are in competition with each other too and want to be the best cat. I have two male cats and if one is sleeping and the other one gets up to eat, the sleeping one will get up to eat as well just so he doesn't miss out on any food. It's incredible...