please don't take this thread seriously because it's supposed to be an easy and fun one ^_^ i'm a cat person but i respect dogs too so i hope no one will take offence. the question i'd like to discuss here is... do you prefer cats or dogs and why?? maybe it sounds a bit silly but that's my question! ^_^

as you can see from my profile i like cats more. why? they won't bark when i'm at work, they won't wake me up to go out in the night when it's raining, they can purr, they can be toilet trained, they will always make you feel your personality is not as important as you usually think hihi (i think it balances our selfishness very well)... and and actually i could go on and go on ^_^

can't wait for your opinions!
Well, let's see .....

When I lived in the city and was working full time, I preferred cats just because of all the reasons that you listed. After working all day it was nice to come home and simply relax. I didn't have to worry about taking the cats out for a walk to take care of business.

However, now that I'm retired and living on a farm dogs and cats both have a huge part of my life and time. I have indoor and outdoor cats that keep the mouse population down and are lots of fun to cuddle with.

In addition, I have two very big dogs to keep coyotes and intruders at bay. They are also really great company for me.

So, I guess it depends on where you live and what your need for the animal is. Emotion: smile
this makes sense justabrat! ^_^ thanks for your reply!
You're welcome. Emotion: smile