I have a neighbor a few houses down from me who keep their husky chained outside a lot of the time. Not ALL of the time, but I often see him chained while nobody else is in the yard. He is kept out in the cold winter and hot summer days. They do not provide him with toys or water while he is outside, he has no dog house and there is no shade to escape the heat.

One cold day during the winter I heard an awful noise, it sounded like a dog being murdered! I took a walk down the street to see the husky at his front door, begging to come inside. His owner burst out of the house screaming, "Shut the f*** up you *** dog!! I'm gonna beat the sh** out of you!"

I feel so awful for this dog. I believe other neighbors do too, as most of the people in my neighborhood are big dog lovers. What's worse is that these people have another dog, a cocker spaniel, who they keep inside and occasionally walk around the neighborhood.

Part of me wants to call animal control. But I'm worried that either a) they won't do anything since it's a non-emergency or b) the owner might somehow find out I reported them and try to retaliate and hurt my dog.

Another part of me wants to anonymously give them a dog house as a good samaritan, but I really do not think that will help the overall problem and feel like they would be very angry if they caught me.

So my question is, what would you do in that situation? I'd love to hear opinions! I can't sit by and watch this beautiful dog get neglected much longer.
I Would call animal service and ask them what should you do. Does the dog have any sign of abuse? If so then report them. Did you try to talk to them about it? And your call can be anonymous. Unless you did talk with them then you could also keep your dog with you and if anything happens then call the police. Either way these dog life may or may not be in danger. But just call animal service or talk to the neighbor.
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Call the Humane Society.This is abuse and they know how to remove the animal legally.
Obviously the dog has signs of abuse. Chained outside a lot of the time. Chained outside without access to water. Chained outside for a long time in the cold. Chained outside for a long time in the heat. All are separately abusive, and combined are especially so. Wow.
OMG--i'm so upset reading this and you, as a dog owner, steal that dog and find him a home..
A husky in the cold weather is not abuse - They love it

However, the chain without food or water and in heat is abusive
I say confront him. If he is offended by your approach he might take the dog inside which is all the better. But if not you can try to take the dog away (steal him/her)
So what have you done about this? I have many friends all over Canada and states that can help.
They may love winter.. but they love to be with their people much more than outside alone. I understand why this bothers you. I consider this to be a form of abuse. Try calling the local SPCA and just see what they say.
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