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Subject: Blanket Box and Sideways Blanket Boxes discontinued by RubbermaidI have some very important information for anyone who may have purchased any Blanket Box or Sideways Blanket Box racks from us in the past. I spoke with a representative from Rubbermaid and they are in fact discontinuing the manufacture of the 2221 Blanket Box and the 2220 Sweater Boxes. We here at Boaphile Plastics do have a number of these tubs in stock but without the ability to order more very shortly we will only be making this rack with tubs included while the supply lasts.

Just so I am clear. We will be happy to build this rack for anyone who would like them any time in the future but after our stock is depleted we will no longer be able to supply tubs with these racks. We will find a replacement tub for a rack of similar size and will offer those on the web site soon.
We can continue to take orders for these racks for sure through January 7th. Any orders placed will be filled without any problem. I can still order the stock needed and will be happy to do so. So if you were thinking of ordering another Blanket or Sideways Blanket box rack, please do so by January 7th. After that there is no guarantee we will be able to get the tubs we will need to build more of these racks.
Now on a more upbeat note... We are going to meet the demand we have heard scores of times for racks with belly heat! That is correct. Belly heat in a Boaphile Plastics rack system. We have been researching and planning how to build larger racks and racks with belly heat. As many of you know safety is always our greatest concern for you AND your herps. For this reason we do not use the more risky heating methods employed by some of our competitors.

We have and will only use Flexwatt and only in an approved and proven safe manner. We had a tremendous challenge to come up with a effective way to accomplish this. Additionally I wanted to build racks that would be better and less expensive. We have developed a new system. This has been more than a year in development as I had mentioned. We are going to begin building "knock-down" style all plastic rack systems to save you money. We will provide the precisely machined plastic parts, hardware and heating supplies you will need to very easily assemble racks that will enable you to make far better use of your dollars.

In addition to these innovations we will be using new virtually unbreakable plastic for these "knock-down" racks. This plastic is thicker and more rigid than the material we have been using. These are characteristics we had to have to go with larger rack systems and in the course of our research and development we have determined it may be best to offer all of the various size tubs we already sell in new rack systems using this new indestructible plastic as well.

The first "knock-down" style rack will use a tub nearly 3' long that will be perfect for a huge variety of larger herps that heretofore could not have fit into any of our rack systems. This will include even the largest Ball Pythons which have proven to really prefer our own black housing we pioneered in the Reptile Industry. Our racks will come with a easy to follow video showing exactly how to very easily assemble your new Boaphile Plastics racks. As always everything we produce is our own design. We at Boaphile Plastics innovate while the competition tries to duplicate.
So you can look forward to a new line of rack systems. There is also the potential that we may be able to find a way to utilize this same material in all of our cages as well. This is still in the experimental stages at this point. More on this will follow soon.

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