So my friend just joined the air force and couldn't take his ball python with him. I willing agreed to watch and take care of chester for him, until he can take him back. However, he wont eat! He has had a little mouse in his tank since i got him a month ago. I read that they don't eat if molting but he hasn't been molting. I dont know what to do! please help! I cant be the girl that killed my friends snake! why wont he eat? what do i do?
just had the same thing with one of mine he didnt eat for 3 months! i didnt think it took that long for them to shed but apparently so if its eyes bluey?and skin in the tank?,a few days after it shed i put it in a cardboard box by the heater and gave it a live and a very small dead and within a couple of hours both were eaten! by the way what size are you feeding and what size/age is the snake? are you feeding live or dead? i wouldnt worry just yet i was all in a panic with mine and it turned out fine Emotion: smile