Good day. My chihuahua boy is 7 months old. May I punish him, and train in general? How can I teach him simple commands: sitting and lyin' down? For the first days at home he didn't pee or deficate anywhere and did it all in the street even though he had never been there before (when he was at the previous owner). I was so glad of his behaviour. But yesterday he started to deficate and pee all over the house.

Hiya you need to go back to basics with your dog.

Every 20-30 minutes take him into your back garden and wait with him until he pees/poos. When he does this say 'pee' or 'go toilet' so that he learns to associate your command with going to the toilet. Once he's done his business give him LOTS of praise. This is a good behaviour that you want to reinforce.

In addition to every half hour take him out after food/drink, after play and after sleep. Look out for the warning signs of excessive sniffing and circling/squatting as these will mean he needs to go.

When you catch him in the act do not shout, do not hit him and do not rub his nose in his pee. You will only train him to become afraid of you. Dogs who are afraid lose control of their bladders so when you shout/hit him he will pee whether you want him to or not.

Don't let him see you clean up his pee as he will think you must be really interested in his pee and will keep doing it for you. Clean up the area with a solution of disinfectanct, water and biological washing powder. The washing powders breaks down all the oils and the enzymes and will eradicate all traces of the pee.

If you don't do this he will smell the old pee and will continue to go in the same spot.

Simple commands

Sit - Get a treat, call him to you and say sit. He may already know the command and do it for you. If not, push him bum down gently and say sit. Then give the treat. Repeat this and before you know it he will be sitting for you without your help.

Lay down - Using a treat again get him to sit (do not give him the treat when he does this because you are now teaching a new command). Take the treat, put it infront of his nose so he becomes really interested then lower the treat until you're holding it on the floor then drag the treat towards you. He probably won't lay down straight away so even if he puts his nose to the floor treat him. If he moves, don't treat and start again. Remember to say 'lay down' so he can learn what you want him to do.

Good luck!
Thank you very much!! I will follow your advice. In fact I didn't think that there are so many pitfals in training. Very useful post!! So it seems training tips are the same for big dogs and small dogs?

Dogs are dogs. Some are more stubborn than others so need more training but generally the rules apply to all breeds! Emotion: smile