Hi people.
I've already thought about it for a very very long time to get one, perhaps even two chihuahuas. However, I have a few things to ask.
1) if I would take two, would it be possible to go from morning at half past seven until noon and then from half past two in the evening at half past seven to work. Then the two would be alone. So I do realize that I can not do that with puppies but when they are older, that would be ok?
2) is it really ok to take them around in bags where people are or do they not like that?
3) what's the healthiest food for them? can i give them food left overs?
4) you need any authorization to keep them (Switzerland)?
5) does a long haired chi need a coat when it's wet or cold, or is the under fur enough? That's it for now. Thank you in advance for your reply.
1) I think that should be ok for adult dogs if they are two. They'll find a way to enjoy each other while you're not around.
2) It's not ok to treat a dog like an accessory! It needs to walk and play to burn its energy unless you want to get a barky or aggressive little devil (sorry to call them like this but I've seen so many Chis that have become so because their owners treated them like cute toys!)
3) Never ever give your dogs left overs. That's not healthy and can be hazardous. The healthiest diet you can offer is raw food diet.
4) No idea really. You'll need to check your local laws and the stuff. I don't think there should be problems.
5) It depends on how cold it is but if I had a Chi I'd use a coat for both shorthairs and longhairs.

I hope this helps. Emotion: dog