I'm a first time dog owner with a medium sized apartment and no yard. My husband has had dogs, but since he is in the military i will be with the dog for almost a year on my own. Are there any dog breeds that would be good for a first time owner, and don't require a lot of space and exersize?
I live in an apartment and got a cavalier king charles spaniel as my first dog. Like all dogs they need to be trained, but they are very gentle (quite sensitive, so be careful), timid, and love people and affection. I did a lot of internet research on different breeds and asked vets and neighbors, and king charles spaniels get high marks. They do need to play a lot and go out for walks to get exercise, so be prepared to spend time with them (as with any dog). CKCs also tend to eat too much and have weak hearts which means their avg livespan is around 10 years. But all pure-bred dogs are more delicate in terms of health and sometimes behavior.
if you're not hime much the best thing would be to get two dogs - start with one, train it (or hire a trainer to help you or teach you how to trainb it) and then when things are going smoothly you'll be ready for another. dogs are much happier when they are not home alone all day - they are wired to be part of a pack.
simple, dont get a dog if you live in an apartment and have no 'yard' its not fair and your being selfish, dont put yourself first before a dogs happyness.
I have a japanese chin and, even though she needed training as all dogs do, she's low maintenance most of the time. But she can be a bit moody!
Corgis, Basset Hounds, and smaller Spaniels are all 'good' apartment dogs, from my experience.

Because you don't have a yard, take it out for maybe 2 or 3 short walks per week. Down the block and back, even, just enough to keep the dog in shape. Make sure you ask the vet what kind of diet the dog should be on to keep it at a healthy weight with minimal exercise!
If you are after a small dog because of our circumstances - you can't go past a papillion. They are great companions, great lap dogs, don't eat much, they don't have a doggy odour, non-aggressive, low coat maintenance, don't malt much, thrive on attention and are content when left alone for short periods. They are a breed that requires company, so if you work, another breed would be a better choice.

I would be googling dogs for your particular lifestyle.

Good luck and hope you make the right choice!