Hello all!
I have a Chromatopelma L8, he's been living with me since March. He has had 2 sheddings and his appetite has always been great. I keep him at 24-30C and 60-70% humidity.
The problem now is that the spider hasn't been eating for about 3,5 weeks already, always sits in his shelter even though he had been actively exploring his tank before. I can see him move from time to time but he doesn't come out. I tried to feed him twice, with 1 week interval, but he refused. What can it be? Is he preparing for his 3rd shedding? The two previous times this process didn't take so long. I wish I could post his picture but he's in his shelter all the time so no pics for now. Thanks in advance!

I think he's getting ready to shed. It takes longer than before because he was younger and smaller. If he stopped eating suddenly while his appetite used to be fine I'd not worry. I'd only start worrying if he stopped eating after shedding.