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There I was, standing

there, my shoulders turned, as Cala went flying 50 feet ... and take the jump I wanted her to take backwards. Sigh...

LOL! I took Shammie to her training club's Christmas party, where we had lots of games (everyone brought one dog present for the "award" table). Many were agility-ish games, and since Shammie has done agility in the past but not for a looong time, she was very excited when she saw the course. But most of the games just involved one or two obstacles, like first dog to down on a table, or a relay team of out and back over a jump, or a pattern like a horse barrell race with 2 jumps and a tire, etc.
So the first time we lined up for a game, Sham was trembling in anticipation. She blitzed to the table, flew over it, and then proceeded to take every jump and obstacle in the yard, boinging up to look back at me over and over, with the most adorable expression on her face, kind of mixed emotions of joy and guilt.
She was so beguiling that everyone watching collectively said "aaww" and then began to urge me to let her go, which I did. They started laughing and cheering for each thing Sham took, which of course spurred her on more. I just stood in the middle of the course laughing my butt off and saying "O.K., go play! O.K., go play!" I wish I had a video of her that day.
Note to self: start taking Sham back to agility class. ;->
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So we blasted through the poles, gorgeous entry, did the ... and take the jump I wanted her to take backwards. Sigh...

ROFL. Hey, at least she did figure out eventually that you weren't going with her.

Yeah I can see how fun it's going to be at a real trial (not). Actually it's kind of a hoot to have a dog that will work that far away, and in Novice I shouldn't have too many problems. We'll see. First "real" trial on Valentine's weekend (she ran twice in Nov JWW Preferred last Sept just so I could see where she was training wise). But she won't debut on standard courses till sometime in April.