My 7 yr old Pomeranian has developed a very dull and coarse coat. It used to be nice, soft, and shiny and in the past month I noticed it's become much worse. I switched him from Innova Evo Low Carb food to Orijen Adult two months ago, can this be the reason? If yes what other food would you call a good option?
Since he's 7 his body is changing. Is he only eating a dry food diet? I'd recommend getting him either on a partial or complete wet food diet. He needs oils and moisture. This would be better for his kidneys and organs anyways, especially as he ages. The brand he's eating now is just as good as the Evo, it's probably a coincidence that his needs and system is changing as you changed his food.
Try giving him salmon oil or mackerel fish... they usually help with dull coat probs.