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Also The Past Through Tomorrow, I Will Fear No Evil. The creators of one of the first Star Trek games named a ship after Bob. And IF I'm not mistaken he was good friends with L. Ron Hubbard.
He also was a far-seeing visionary. In his book Friday he talks about people using a computer network much in the same way that we are just now starting to. As a means not only for research, but as an entertainment, advertisement, integral part of one's daily life.
Ya, Grok. . .;-)
Okay... what's a RAH book?... I'm going to the library tomorrow. Shannon

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Okay... what's a RAH book?... I'm going to the library tomorrow. Shannon

Hi Shannon Robert Anson Heinlein (1907-1988) and regarded as one of the "Fathers of Science Fiction", wrote such classics as ... recommend though, it all depends if you like SF or books which border on it at the least. TTFN Ian

Does has he written some in a series format.. Book 1 of 3 etc? I have never read any of his material and am glad you replied so I can go take a look after work tonight. I think my tastes run more on the Fantasy field... I love Piers Anthony... I've read everything he's done... Incarnations of Immortality was fun, as was all of the Xanth books... however if you're not into puns... then don't read the last 5 Xanth books, they'll have you groaning all day. I also liked the one from Robert Asprin that I read, thought was very clever, but had a lot of puns too. On the advice of people here I read something from Evanovich? I think.. and have read all that our local library has. I just finished Tathea by Anne Perry...

oh.. by the way, I love to read. Emotion: smile
Thanks again for sharing.
I seem to remember that some of his 'kids' books were written in a series link, however some of his characters do have a recurring appearance (it's a long time since i actually read RAH now) Methuselah's Children, Time Enough for Love, To Sail Beyond the Sunset all feature Lazurus Long probabaly one of his most well know characters. Stranger in a Strange Land is quite possibly his most famous work, alhough RAH fans will always disagree over which of his books is. My personal favourite and most read was Door into Summer, although it never attained the recognition it deserved(in my opinion anyway).
I always tended to specialize more in the Fantasy/Horror fields, but my business partner is the SF officianado ;-)
Piers Anthony is also one of my best loved authors, the Split Infinity books were sheer genius in their juxta-position(no pun intended!! haha) Eddings of course is one of the greats and always will be for the Belgariad. Asprin's MYTH series again were wonderfully entertaining reads and in my opinion far more readable than Pratchett(oops! somebody won't like that). Another name to conjure with is Jack L Chalker, if you've never read his works, then you should consider him too.
One of my favourite fantasy books of all time was The Twilight Realm by Christopher Carpenter, unfortunately it is now long OP but if you ever find a copy then just grab it, it was his only book as far as I could discover (workng in publishing i should know?) it's worht taking the read though. It was published in 86 so not that old, but just one of those books thats lived with me wherever. Anyway enough ramblings
PS don't forget of course ... Terry Brooks, Raymond E Feist, Stephen Donaldson, Anne McCaffrey .. I think I'll leave it there ;-)