is what it says on the the tin. my mouse is changing colour it was white but slowly is starting to turn black ive tried to research on it but all i get is pages of computer stuff Emotion: sad ive never had mice before so dont know how bad this could be but it doesnt look natural at all if i can get her to stay still long enough i will take a photo but was wondering if its an allergy reaction? we got her sawdust from a different shop this month as its all in german i dont know if its any different to what we normally get all looks the same to me Emotion: big smile but if it is could it be that? the hamsters and lemming havent reacted any different to it
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so today my poor mousey passed away Emotion: crying i hope she died knowing i was trying to find out what it was so i could help her if its possible they can know. im still going to try and find out what it was and if i come across anything i will let you know. im also going to find out about the pet shop and see if anyone else has had any ill animals from there,if they are selling sped bred mice will be reporting them i cant imagine how many childrens tears have been shed if it is the case. one extra thing to add is when removing her the bottom of her was covered in what looked like splinters,i hadnt noticed before as i decided to try and not disturb her too much,worried that handling her may cause infection or stress so i cant say how long it was there for. her house was made of wood but i couldnt see any breakage so not sure if it was splinters from that or something else completley
Oh nooo that's terrible news Emotion: sadEmotion: sad very sorry to hear it, Kimmeh... poor mousie.

I think you should really refrain from buying more pets at that pet store considering all you wrote about them before. They don't seem reliable! Do you think they might have lied about her age and she was actually older?..
I'm not sure but looks like even if you had taken her to a vet yesterday or the day before yesterday, it wouldn't have helped much.
yes we wont be buying anything from them again i had already decided on that when they gave us the same mice for feeding as we bought for pets. a freind of mine has a friend that has ferrets.mice,hamsters ect and has done for years so he asked him about my mouse. he had a rat a few years ago that had the same thing happen,it turned out the rat had cancer had a tumor growing under where the fur was turning black so we think it may have been the same thing
Wow I never thought that a tumour could cause change in the hair pigment...
supose it depends where the tumour is effecting? who knows but it sounds like it could be that and ive not found anything else so i guess thats the most likley thing untill i find anything else about it
Sorry to hear that kimmeh Emotion: sad
I hope you'll end up finding a reliable person/shop which you can trust!
It may be because the mother or father was a different color. I have 2 orange and black mice, their dad was a black mouse their mom was orange. They were both orange when young but then they started turning black on their backs. One is a girl and one is a boy, and they seem pretty healthy right now!!!
I’m having a similar problem with one of my mice. She started being and brown and black mixture but now all over her shoulders and parts of her face are turning more black. She seems fine. Her behavior and eating habits haven’t changed at all and my other two mice who live with her are both fine and aren’t going through the same color changing as her. I just hope she’s okay.
This is 2019, I had a pet rat die,she was black, when I found her she was gray.why did that happen with in a few hours?