is what it says on the the tin. my mouse is changing colour it was white but slowly is starting to turn black ive tried to research on it but all i get is pages of computer stuff Emotion: sad ive never had mice before so dont know how bad this could be but it doesnt look natural at all if i can get her to stay still long enough i will take a photo but was wondering if its an allergy reaction? we got her sawdust from a different shop this month as its all in german i dont know if its any different to what we normally get all looks the same to me Emotion: big smile but if it is could it be that? the hamsters and lemming havent reacted any different to it
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I've just tried to search too - you're right, lots of computer stuff pops up lol.

Anyway, I've tried to look for various mouse diseases in the Russian part of the net (since I'm sure you've checked the English one well) and have found none that would have colour change as one of the symptoms. Typical signs of an illness include skin irritations and sores, hair loss, discharge from the nose or eyes, often sneezing, brown coating in the ears, appetite loss etc... if the behaviour of your mouse hasn't changed, I think she is fine. If that's possible, you can consider separating her from the other mice for a while, just in case it's something infectious. See if there will be any other symptoms in the next few day. I'm sure it's nothing serious though. How old is she? Maybe it's just a normal/individual change of colour that happens with age?
I'm not sure if that could be an allergy. But if that's it, they say mice often have allergies to products full of proteins (eg nuts and milk products). Some food ingredients such as preservatives can cause it, too.

I'll be waiting for the picture!
she killed the other one a month or so ago Emotion: sad she just turned on it and wouldnt let her eat by the looks of it as she was really fat and the dead one really thin Emotion: sad but since the colour change the only thing thats changed is the sawdust (maybe) she is about 7 months i think and i looked at all those symptoms too but she doesnt have any of those just the change of colour

cant see it very well in the pic but its a lot darker then it looks here,kind of looks stained but i cant think what would stain her?
Oh sorry to hear about the other mousie. Emotion: sad

I've just looked up some pages about rats changing colour and they all say it's quite common and happens to every single rat: the pigment can change because of stress, reaching sexual maturity or getting old. Even because of changes in the diet. I guess it's also applicable to mice... As long as there are no other symptoms and noticeable changes in the behaviour, looks like you shouldn't be concerned too much.

By the way, you're absolutely sure it's the hair that changed colour, not some skin problem etc, right?
well i cant say for sure of course but the actual skin looks fine to me just the fur changing colour i read that about rats too but i thought even such similar things can have huge difference so thought it best to ask but im hoping its the same thing
RuslanaOh sorry to hear about the other mousie.

thanks i was all sad i get quite heart broken dont know how i'll cope when i have kids and there pet dies i'll be in more of a state then they will! but im really starting to think the pet shop is a bit dodgey to be honest. first they gave us a hamster that was too young now this :/ also while we was there a while back thought we would ask if they had mice for the snakes,save a trip to the reptile store. they did and asked us to come pick the size. expecting to be taken out the back they led us to the same mice that we bought as pets. maybe thats why im so worried as i know in the reptile shops (although kept well like normal mice) they speed breed them just for feeding and i though it all seemed a bit odd
kittehlewisthey led us to the same mice that we bought as pets.
OMG I don't like this pet shop either! In fact I've always been somewhat suspicious about pet shops because it happens too often that people blatantly make money on animals and don't actually care for them well. I believe there are good pet shops though but their amount looks very few...

Well, I hope someone with more knowledge about mice will answer you about the colour change. Meanwhile, I think you should keep an eye on her behaviour.
the place we normaly get our for food mice seem fine they are sped bred,all bred from the same littler, so dont normaly live long and are all blind ect. seems cruel but kind of makes me feel better about giving them to the snakes. they dont sell them as pets and are kept in cages with bedding,water and food same as normal pet shop mice are. i know a lot of places dont feed or give the mice water i wouldnt ever use those places. apart from being cruel for no reason they would die before getting home and verdelet wouldnt eat it already dead. but most normal pet shops (the one we use for the snakes mice are reptile only) that sell mice for feeding keep them seperate from pet mice,so were concerned now its been bred fast and wont live long but fingers crossed!

i will be keeping a close eye,close as i can anyway shes a fast one! i will also being keeping the cats away for a good while too allthough they only sit and watch it might be stressful for her but i will let you know how it turns out Emotion: smile
Hi kittehlewis,
As far as I know it's not typical for any serious disease. Unfortunately skin and coat problems in mice have not been studied well, that's why you could find so little information about it.
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