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How To Find Different Breeds?

how to find different breeds of dogs that have blue eyes

Love You?

love this site

Thank You?

i found your facts and pictures very intresting and i think that your info is very well layed out and easy to read

Is There A Way To?

Is there a way to get this video as a screen saver. It is fantastic?

Vulgar Language

Does every single forum have to contain vulgar language? I cannot even understand what you are saying! May we please stick with polite English so that we can have a discussion...


According to Firefox warning, this could be an unsafe site because if I upload pictures from my computer, then you have access to EVERYTHING in my computer..I cannot have that...

Why Is This Box Covering?

why is this box covering up content on the page?

New Banner Up Top

You know, only now am I following you on facebook thanks to that banner! But I'm glad there was the x to close it.

New And Secure Social Networking Site

Hello everyone, My organization, WTPNetworkâ„¢, has just launched a brand new social networking site that is better than facebook. It's free to join and free to set up a group to...

Thanks For Sharing Funny Videos

I just wanted to say that I love watching the vids you all post in here! Thank you all for sharing! ( I wasn't sure where to post this comment, move me if I got lost )

What I Enjoy...

What I enjoy about this place is that the DOG smiley goes first in the list of smileys! I know this is very silly but I had to say I like it.

So Many Changes!

i've not been online for a while and now that i came i see so many changes! when did this happen?? ^_^ i really like it! congrats!

Thank You Very Much

Dear Administrators, Thank you very much for allowing me to open my account here. Well wishes to you and to all the users in mysmelly.com site. Though I do not have proper knowledge...

Top Rated Users

I've just noticed a good addition to the site - Top rated users page. Guys, I do love it! I can now see that I am among top 5 forum contributors, woohoo! Thanks for making it...

Facebook Connect Test

Testing our new Facebook Connect integration ... this should show up on my facebook wall
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