What sadist could do so - I have no idea!!!!
I found a kitten in a village (British silver tabby, but with a defect coloration - tail was completely silver). He was so tiddly, just opened his eyes. A veterinary examination revealed that the kitten was perfectly healthy, a strong and viable creature. The veterinar also said that such kittens - with defective color - are often thrown to be eaten by dogs (the hand does not rise to kill them, but if your throw them out, you get rid of any responsibility, "perhaps they will survive"), and the chances for these animals to survide are too little. Grey (as we named the kitten) was so lucky. Now he is an independent cat, lives with very good people and has fun. But he could die!!!!!!

I do not understand this attitude towards animals. Breeders could simply sell him very cheaply or even give away free... Why kill a baby born with a wrong tail color??? Is commercial breeding of animals knocks out the last drop of pity, people??????
That's really a sad story, Anon. I'm glad for the lucky kitty but I dare not imagine how many other kittens that jerk threw out. Emotion: crying
The only breeders who will do this terrible thing is BYBs and puppy/cat mills. There is no way in hell a good reputable breeder would do this. They would research everything to make sure the litter they breed has the colours they want.

If they have a throwback they will look after it just as the other kittens and find it a lovely home.

It's only been in the last 10-20 years that white boxer dogs have stopped being culled at birth as this was seen a fault in the breed!
OMG what a jerk indeed! Anon, you've made a great deed having adopted him. [Ye] I wish the Earth had more people like you and less people like that darn "breeder".
I think it's digusting! Breeds like Persians can hardly breathe; they've been bred so highly. Is that really what a judge wants to see?