I have a Black Lab Border Collie mix named Porsche. She went through a window about 2 years ago. (didn't open the window first) A shard of glass when through her paw between the pads. I got it stitched up and she was fine, then she started licking the top of her paw, just above the wrist. So much so that it would be licked raw and bleed.
I went back to the vet, we took x-rays and found nothing. I put the E-collar on till it healed up all the way and grew fur back. Right when I took it off (the collar) she went right back to licking. I haven't changed foods, nor does she have any allergies. I have gone back numerous times. She is still wearing the e-collar. I don't know what else to do. I thought it was nerve damage... my vet swears it's not. My vet wants me to put her on Doggie Prozac. I don't want to do that, but nor do I want her to wear the collar any more.
TIA for any information.
You want a quick and dirty recipe, try putting some foul (to her) tasting stuff on her paw a couple times a day; and maybe buy her a kong toy and stuff it with cheese when you see that she's got nothing better to do than worry about the paw.
www.clickertraining.com This isn't a quick and dirty recipe, this the first step toward teaching you how to cook. Order a video off the site and watch it (e.g. "clicker magic"), and read "don't shoot the dog", by KPryor. I offer this suggestion to you, because it will give you the tools to more effectively shape a behavior that is incompatible with licking. you may even learn to put licking "on cue", and then simply not give the cue any more. you really should learn how to "cook", practice, because knowing the path and walking it are two different things.