Gosh, I love Huskies sooo much. Emotion: left hug
- You want dinner?
- Oooooooooh yea yea yea yeaaa Emotion: big smile

Beautiful dog Emotion: smile
Mishka the talking dog! Have you seen the video where they ask "Are you stupid?" and she replies "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Emotion: big smile

I love huskies too, I can't wait until I live in a property where we're allowed a dog! Emotion: smile
Haha what a good one! Thanks for posting, I haven't seen it before. Emotion: big smile
Looks like Mishka is a famous smartie - over 3 millions views for the 2nd! Emotion: smile
Now way you can make a fool of a Husky... too smart dogs! Emotion: smirking
Mishka are you stupid? Nooooo Emotion: surprise Whow do you think it was just a coincidence?