Sat 05/24/008 00.22
sfcausaMy question is pretty much as the topic has it. I have been offering my budgies a little bit of raw carrot recently I cut and quarter a 2" (more or less) section of carrot, then cut the edges with a knife so it will be kind of "barbed" or bristly, then hang the prepared pieces in their cages with a treat clip. So far, the only reaction they have had to this is to eye it most suspiciously and keep their distance. I have gone so far as to munch voraciously on pieces of carrot for their benefit, holding forth with great enthusiasm about how tasty it is which is a true labor of love on my part, because I hate raw carrots! My own tastes aside though, I know carrots are very good for them and that they would be better off eating a little now and then.

For what it's worth, they are all great fans of greenfood most often romaine or redleaf, sometimes spinach (the universal least favorite!), dandelion, or parsley. Other than resisting the carrots, they eat fine: I give them a 50/50 pellet-seed mix, millet and plain ricecakes for treats, and greens every day.
How can I convince them this new, orange-colored stuff is food?
How can I convince them this new, orange-colored stuff is food?

Try cooking the carrots to make them softer. Birds have a short digestive system which can't breakdown raw carrot.