Can I give my dog leftovers of chicken that was fried in an oven? Bland of course, without any salt or spices. All that stays on the skin and I am not even thinking about giving him the skin. I often cook chicken and my dog looks at me with such eyes... I'm always struggling whether to give it to him or not. I'm mostly worried about cooked bones, will that be ok?
absolutely NEVER EVER under any circumstances give your dog or cat or any other pet cooked bones. They can become lodged in their GI tract, they can slice into a organ, they can pierce their mouth, all kinds of things can happen. If you cook your chicken in the oven, remove the skin but also remove the meat off of any bones at all. Also, don't cook with any spices especially onions or garlic. Those are toxic to all pets.
Our neighbors have a Rottie cross and they've been giving him cooked chicken bones (leftovers) for as long as I remember. He's over 10 years now and fortunately nothing serious has ever happened to him 'cause of this. But it doesn't mean I approve of feeding cooked bones! The dog must have been lucky!