I very recently got an 11 week old male welsh corgi puppy. He's super smart, and just two days in he's already using potty pads!

The one issue I have is leaving him alone. Anytime I leave him by himself he cries insanely loud. I have been giving him praise and milk bones (because he won't eat the bacon flavored training treats) when he's good like using the potty pad or using the bathroom outside. However, I tried to crate train him today, and every time he was quiet, and I would give him a treat he would just drop it. I also tried leaving a kong filled with peanut butter an he didn't have a lot of interest in it initially either (he might have eaten some of it after I left). It also isn't necessary to crate train him, he does good on his own. Mostly, I just need him to not cry so much when I leave. I live an apartment complex so the neighbors are close.

I am going to try hot dogs, or some other foods to see if he would be more interested in them, but do you have any suggestions for other reinforcements? Praise seems to work the best for him, but I'm kinda at a loss.

Thanks in advance!

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