Hello everyone,
he's set up the same way my friend had him in his aquarium with lights and heat etc... he's due to eat again today and I noticed when I went to feed him. He's a nice snake... not sure how old but fairly small (guessing 18" to 2ft?)... at least a year old maybe up to two?

Any help on if I need to worry about this? And sorry if this is a stupid newbish question... I'm new to the snake thing... the group thing... everything LOL. I just want to take the best care I can of this guy for my friend.
Thanks so much for any advice.
I'm pet sitting a corn snake for a friend and I've had him about two weeks. He shed about a week ago. He is now looking yellowish on his sides since he shed... is that normal? Or is that a problem?

Maybe it's normal (post-shed colors are usually much more vibrant; since he was near shed when you starting caring for him, he was probably relatively dull in appearance). Did the yellow become noticeable as soon as he shed, or did it develop later?
Maybe it's a problem (indicative of stress or infection). Have you or the owner changed anything about his living conditions (different bedding, different brand/source of feeder mice, different temps/humidity etc)?

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