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Any were there are free roaming predators on four legs is a place to be concerned. A dog is a pack animal and if alone is considered a prey animal to two or more carnivores that are around the same size or so. A single coyote is less likely to attack a domestic dog that out weighs' it's self if their is other game to eat, if not it is a reasonable risk if they are really hungry. Most dogs that are lost to coyotes are small or alone and or wondering, but not always so. Coyotes are smarter than your average dog and know how to plan out a hunt.
One of my dogs took on a bob cat that had bedded down in my back yard behind the woodpile. I have a 7 foot fence and that cat had a hard time getting out with that terrier on him. So no a fence is no safety to keeping out predators. If you are allowed to install an electric hot wire on the outside of your fence I would do it. That is a good deterrent to them going under the fence and makes them less interested in jumping over it. Lots of people here use them to keep the deer off their plants and out of yard.