Update on the little weenies:
Lucy (flippy leg girl) is doing much better. We think it was actually some sort of limp rather than a back problem, because we've been massaging her back legs and she rarely if ever "flips" her legs anymore. I think it was just tightness and tiny feet. She seems to do it more when it's cold, and she's getting on in years.
Ricky's still got that damned lump on his head, but it hasn't gotten any bigger, so we're not worried.
They send love and kisses.

and the music turned to swing
and the tall handsome wonderful person
spun me around
and we made beautiful music
with our laughter
We experienced this with our standard size doxie from time to time. I think the temperature played a part, and the stairs in our house as well.
We would take that most mild aspirin pill available and mix it up in her food during those episodes. When I got really bad, I would take some of the prednazone I had for my health issues, break them in half and give her a course over time as the vet had done once before. Seemed to work fine for a long period of time.
Good luck with your pooch. We miss our doxie. Time ran out for her and cancer took her last month.