Hello all,

I have a one year old Dachshund. She loves to sleep near the heater, with her nose very close to it. A while back we noticed that her nose began to peel and sometimes it bleeds slightly because of that. This however doesn't seem to bother the dog, she doesn't exhibit any signs of discomfort like trying to lick or scratch it. So I'd like to make sure it's not a serious problem and if this can be caused by the heater. Thanks in advacne!
have you had her liver checked? have you made blood tests and an ultrasonic scan? what does your vet says?
It most likely is being caused by the heater. The hot dry air blowing on her nose will dry out the moisture that resides in the skin. I would get her a sweater and encourage her not to lie on or next to the register.

My husband did the same thing with his legs. I put an electric blanket on the bed and he refused to shut it off after the bed was warm. As a result he was very slowly cooking his legs. Both legs, from the knee down, were just as you describe your dog's nose ... peeling, scaly and bleeding.

Keep your dog away from the heater for a few days and see how her nose is after that. If it heals up, then you will know for sure it's the heat causing her problem.