Hi cat lovers, where can I find a list of common dangers for a cat and kitten in the house? For instance I know that threads, needles, chemicals and things like that should be kept out of a cat's reach, and also washing machines and windows should always be closed. The same goes for poisonous home plants and unprotected wires if the animal tends to chew on them. What else is on the list?
Here's a couple of links:


I also have a toxic/unsafe list on my site:

In my newsletter archives you can look through those as well as I often talk about all kinds of safety things. Not only should chemicals not be in their reach but it's best to clean your house with vinegar and water. I use that now and it works so fantastic and is much safer for you and your pet. I've also seen 2 kitties on another forum get killed from pulling curtain rods down by clawing or climbing the curtain and it slammed on their heads and killed them. Can't tell you how much I cried reading those. My Finney does that and now if he's going through that phase I will change to a small top curtain he can't reach. Look out also for shower curtains and rods. I just put something in my newsletters about allergies from pollen and how to keep your house as clean as possible and to be very careful when you mow your lawn or use any outdoor pesticides to remove your shoes when you come in, and immediately take a shower, wash your hair and change your clothes and wash the other ones, etc. I write about things like this all the time in my newsletters. I am a safety buff for kitties. Put those plug caps in your plugs if they are within kitty reach as they can stick their little toenails in them and yowza!
Found another link!
Common Cat Dangers in the House