ok so im trying to tame my lemmings and its going really well,however today as i went to get the "boys" out i saw something that made me sad. 4 dead babies 2 are about the right size i would expect and the other 2 are tiny way to small to be given birth to. im guessing the birth was premiture and thats why they are dead but i could be wrong ive tried finding stuff out on the internet but as there is nothing really about lemmings there is nothing, all ive got so far is that lemmings can breed all year round and have on average 8 babies per litter. now im worried of the possibilty there is still babies waiting to come out and they will be dead too. is this possible? if anyone knows of causes they might have been born dead or anything please can you let me know im off to the pet shop where i got them to ask them but as there is the language barrier it might not be so helpful.
I'm very sorry to know about your lemming babies. Emotion: sad
I'm really surprised how little information there is about lemmings kept as pets, even in Russian. The only thing I managed to find out is that they, indeed, can give birth all year long, usually it's about 6 litters per year. The Russian net says, though, that they typically have 5-6 babies per litter. So I guess 4 were fine to have too, but it's difficult to say what caused their death... perhaps the change of the environment proved too stressful?
thanks im hoping thats it but the mother seems very disressed now Emotion: sad im thinking maybe she gave birth last night and maybe i took her out too soon after..obviously had i know she was even pregnant i wouldnt have thought about going in the cage Emotion: sad
Sometimes bad things like this just happen... sometimes we can do nothing about it... poor babies...
When lemmings get disturbed around when they give birth, they can even get a little aggressive and kill their own babies, or the stress can cause the birth process to go wrong.
I wouldn't worry about it at all since you didn't know, but next time make sure to give the female space, especially 3 weeks after giving birth. Try not to clean the cage during that time!

Good luck! Are you planning on breeding more?
Sorry to know about that kitteh. Emotion: sad How is she doing now? Better or still depressed?
hi thanks for the info im guessing it was because she was "interupted" lol but obviously if i knew i would have only gone near them for food and water purposes untill babies where doing there own thing pet shop employees really should be trained better at sexing :/. i wasnt planning on breeding as we obv thought they were both boys but if they have more babies thats fine we have plenty of room for babies Emotion: smile i dont want to split them up they love playing together and cuddling up and i dont think they would accept new play mates...and of course i would prob end up being given the wrong sex again anyway. lazlo is much better now she was fine the day after but it was upsetting to see her so destressed and vlad seems much more pleasant wich is wierd lol..maybe he was being so "im going to eat you to death" being protective of lazlo with child maybe? i dont know as ive said there is not much about lemmings but im learning bit by bit Emotion: smile