How do I stop my cockatoo from laying eggs?
Hi anonymous.

The safest and the most natural way to control egg laying in parrots is to shorten the time she's exposed to light to no more than 6 hours a day. Darken the room well for the rest of the time. If there's a mate, relocate him so the birds can't hear vocalizations of each other. If she lays eggs in a food dish or other area like a sleeping tent, remove the favored objects. It can prevent or delay further egg-laying. Some people prefer medications to handle the situation but I personally would never use them because of possible adverse effects. If you have an experienced avian surgeon around, you can also consider spaying your cockatoo.

Are you sure you want her to stop laying eggs? If she does it once or several times a year, if her behavior doesn't change too much, and if you're fine with the idea it all happens, you can just let her do that because it's a natural thing. If she ignores her eggs as if nothing has happened, you can remove them from the cage. Do not do this, however, if she sits on them. This can provoke more egg laying. Just wait till she loses interest in them and remove the eggs after. If you decide to let her keep laying eggs, remember that a laying hen needs a diet rich in calcium. Cuttlebone, mineral block, dairy products, crushed eggshell should work well. Birds also need vitamin D3 in order to assimilate calcium. You can provide your bird with D3 either by exposing her to unfiltered sunlight (light through the windows doesn't count) for a few hours a day, or by adding D3 supplements such as fish oils to her diet.

One last note: too frequent and continual egg laying (for example, when you remove eggs she lays while she intended to sit on them) can cause serious health issues such as egg binding (a hen cannot pass an egg normally as the egg shells become too soft because of nutrients deficiency), low blood calcium (hypocalcemia), dehydration, and others. In this case, if the natural egg-prevention means don't help, you had better speak with your avian vet about possible solutions like spaying.
I'm asking for a friend. He has a cockatoo who lays eggs on him. Says it's only every couple months. Gives her a calcium powder. Does not want to get the bird a mate.

I do not know, i bought my cockatoo a bucket and ping pong balls she does not lay eggs as often but i have not figured out witch food to stop giving her.

i stoped my cockatiels by not giving them milet seeds , good luck ,if you find the correct seed let me know