Is distilled water good for cats or would pure spring water be better
pure spring water. In fact if you can put a filter on your faucet on your sink that's even better. That's what I do. I don't drink tap water and neither do my cats.
There's actually an opinion that distilled water is dead water so it's not the best choice even for people! I prefer filtered water for myself and my Miky. Pure spring water should be ok for cats if you live out of the city, otherwise I think there would be too many contaminators.
Distilled water has all the good minerals removed. that why you use it in irons so the mineral don't clog up the insides of it. but we need those mineral for good health.
There's no such thing as living water. There may be things living IN it, but that's about it.
Never give filtered water to cats. The calcium ions are replaced with sodium ions which will put a strain on the kidneys and blood pressure
I've been giving my cat spring water from day one. Do you think I've
put him at risk?