Hi, I have a 2 yr old field spaniel. In the past few days his ears have become very smelly. My husband has carefully removed black dirt around the outer part of the inner ear but the smell is still very much there. I don't think he has an ear infection but some advice on next steps would be appreciated please. Thanks

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My dog had the same thing. It's an ear infection.
The vet gave us some drops to put in her ear and when the smell stopped, we started using dog-friendly wipes to clean her ears every other day. Take him to the vet.
Can also be a fungal infection we use isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip to clean out the smelly junk, then we put drops from the vet to stop the growth. it is a constant battle with our cocker spaniel who has had this problem since she was born- even when it stops smelling we still have to apply the drops or it comes back within a week
Please do not use anything smaller than your finger and an alcohol wipe to clean your dogs ears. A q-tip is small enough and flexible enough to damage their eardrums!
It is ear mites. I have had trouble with this in all three of my dogs
Dog ear mites are very common nowadays and should be treated immediately to prevent further infection. There are few simple remedies and tips to clean dog ears, prolong smelly ears should be addressed to the vet.
Order Zymox, use as directed, problem solved. Keep some on hand for future problems.
Where I bu y the Zymox???
My puppy 5month old he can't sleep now itching all the time poor thing
Just pour some white vinegar in her ear a couple days in a row and clean them out.
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