I am thinking of getting a second King Charles Cavalier because I have a 2 year old male and wonder if he needs company. I am afraid he has been neutered. The choice is of male & female puppies. Is this a good idea? I am happy to look after a puppy, but would be doing this primarily because both dogs would be happier in a two... is this true?
Any advice appreciated. Thank you. (I work from home so my Cavalier is rarely left alone, but I am often on the computer with my back to him!.. would a companion be a good idea?
Hi! I'm sure it's a good idea! But please remember puppies need more attention than adult dogs so you will most likely have to distract from the computer more often than usual until he or she grows up. Even after that, they'll still need your attention, training, love and care to stay happy dogs. Emotion: dog
AnonymousI am afraid he has been neutered.
why are you afraid he has been neutered? that's good isn't it?
Probably meant to say he hasn't been neutered. Easy solution, go to the vet and check if you're unsure and then decide to neuter or not.
i got a female king charles for compalny for dougal our male and they loved each other for ten years she died a few weeks ago....go for it
I think it would be a good idea